A unique offering from JAV this honey wine is regarded as the ancestor of all fermented drinks. Mead is thought to be an aphrodisiac, a medicinal potion, and a fertility aid.

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Regarded as the ancestor of all fermented drinks, the genesis behind our honey wine was to promote our annual Renaissance Festival. Since then, this semi-sweet wine has become a staple on our tasting card, and is truly a unique offering for us here at JAV. Mead is also known to be the origin of the word “honeymoon”. In early times, newlyweds were given a supply of mead to last the full cycle of the moon. They were instructed to partake in the experience daily to enhance their libidos and improve their chances of creating a family. How do we best describe our honey wine? Grab a glass and we’ll pour…your perception is better than anything we could describe!

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